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To love music is universal. It’s a joy we all experience whether it occurs when spending hours tackling the toughest bel canto aria or just learning to play the piano. Part of what makes music so wonderful is being able to understand how artists create the tunes we listen to on the radio. That takes some studying (perhaps the better word is “practice”).

Los Angeles is one of the musical capitals of the world and with that comes numerous places to study the craft of piano, voice, clarinet, trumpet…you name it! One of these places is Los Angles School of Music. Founded by Alana and Matthew Miles, LA School of Music brings together passionate teachers experienced in a plethora of instruments from voice to flute.

It began as a passion project for Alana Miles, who after graduating from USC discovered that teaching gave her a great sense of fulfillment. “There are so many musicians in Los Angeles, including myself, who want to share their passions with others and teaching is a great way to do this,” said Miles. She assembled a select group of teachers and began the journey as Alana’s Music School. The change to LA School of Music came when the company sought to expand, adding more teachers to their staff.

LA School of Music hopes to become a hub, where people of all ages and levels can find an instructor they trust. Teachers are interviewed and selected based on level of experience and study, as well as teaching personality. The school believes in adding teachers to their roster, who are not only skilled musicians, but also enjoy teaching others the instruments they know and love.

Recently, LA School of Music has launched its new website, which can be found here. Miles is also working on the school’s yearly recital, which she hopes will take place in the next few months to showcase the hard work the students have done in the past 12 months.

 For more information about LA School of Music and to book lessons, click here.


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