Guitar Classes & Private Lessons

All online group classes are conducted via Zoom or Facetime with professional musicians and music teachers from the comfort of your home. Average class size is about 4, and capped at 8. These are small, live, interactive classes in which teachers will engage with students and ask them to demonstrate their understanding. 

During the first guitar session, students will learn beginning-level chords and fundamental techniques on guitar. They will learn string names, how to play individual notes, how to play different types of rhythms, and how to seamlessly move between chords, all while having fun and connecting these ideas to songs that the students may be familiar with.

Providing our families with an excellent experience is our priority - please reach out to us if you need assistance with registrations or would like to offer feedback. 

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Group Guitar Class Formats

Two-Day Session (meets two days in one week)


Intro to Guitar

An introduction to guitar, perfect for students who have never learned anything about guitar and cannot yet read any music. 

Level 1 

During this session, students will learn beginning-level chords and fundamental techniques on guitar. We will learn how to count the frets, how to create clear sounds by pressing our fingers down on the neck, and how to strum the strings in various rhythms, all while having fun! Also a good start for students who have never played guitar but can read music.

Level II 

During this session, students will build on their skills by learning more open chords and simple single-note melodies. There will be an emphasis on moving seamlessly between the chords and connecting them to songs that the students may be familiar with. 


Semi-Private and Private Online Pod Classes available

5-week Sessions

(meets once per week)


  • Intro to Guitar

  • Beginner Guitar

  • Intermediate Guitar 


Online one-on-one Guitar lessons

If you are looking for one-on-one lessons, we've got those too! Private online lessons start at $35 per 30-minutes, and we have a one-time registration fee of $25. Since the stay-at-home orders were put into place, we lowered our rate from $40 for new students, and have a 3% convenience fee to help support this. Upon registration, you will receive login info for our student portal, where you can view your lessons in the calendar, as well as billing and invoice history. Your teacher will reach out to you via email to schedule your first lesson once registration is received. If you have a preference for a teacher, please email us!

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