Adult Guitar Classes

Oct. 7 - Nov. 4, Thursdays
6-6:45pm in Echo Park (location TBD)
ages 18 and up

Learn to play guitar in a fun, laid-back setting! Class meets once a week in Echo Park on Thursdays evenings with Genna Projansky. Location is TBD as we are moving to an indoor location.


Perfect for complete beginners, this class focuses on songs with open chord changes and several important scales to practice both single-notes and strumming. Come jam with us, learn with us, and make some friends in the process! You will need to bring your own guitar, acoustic preferred. Please let us know if you need help purchasing a guitar.

Week 1:

  • Single-note practice using chromatic warmup

  • Begin learning open chords

  • Start song with open chords and simple strum pattern: e.g. “Let It Be” by The Beatles


Week 2:

  • Single note practice with minor pentatonic scale

  • Finish first open chord song

  • Learn first written solo


Week 3:

  • Begin new open-chord song to practice new chord shapes and transitions

  • More complex strumming patterns

  • Eg: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison


Week 4:

  • Learn 12 bar blues pattern

  • Intro to improv: take turns playing minor pentatonic scale over this pattern


Week 5:

  • Blues Solos: improv on minor pentatonic

  • Learn blues licks to put into solos

  • Review and casual performance!