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How to Get Your Child to Practice More

Practicing piano

You’ve heard all of the benefits of music lessons, but how do you get your child to practice piano once she’s in them? No one enjoys pleading and negotiating about practicing when there are so many other things to worry about in the day. While some students will practice without any help, others may need gentle coaxing. It is quite common that young children will need parental guidance when practicing. We’ve listed a few tips to help:

1) Figure out when your child practices the best. This could be before school when she is fresh, or after her after-school snack. More often than not, if practicing is left for after homework or soccer practice, your child will be too fatigued to have a productive practice session.

2) Aim for shorter, daily practice rather than long practice sessions a couple times a week. While it is generally suggested to practice 15-30 minutes a day, even sitting down at the piano to play through one piece slowly is better than no practicing. Set a timer and sit down with her to help if you can.

3) Ask your teacher if she has any practice incentives. This could include stickers, prizes, or practice challenges. We love these practice incentives listed by Teach Piano Today. Or make practicing fun with these bead counters (slide a bead over each time a passage is played correctly).

4) If you’ve been meaning to upgrade to a full-size, 88-key acoustic piano, or a new Buffet R13 clarinet, do so if it is within your means! A great-sounding instrument can make playing so much easier, which will make it more enjoyable for your child.

5) Seek out performance opportunities like festivals and recitals. Performances can be great motivation!

What tips can you offer to help with practicing? Leave a comment!

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