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Music Lessons For All

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Los Angeles is one of the musical capitals of the world, and with that comes numerous places to study the craft of piano, singing, songwriting, clarinet, flute, etc. One of these places is the Los Angles School of Music. Founded by myself and my husband, Matthew Miles, LA School of Music connects talented and experienced teachers to eager students.

It began as a passion project for me. I have always enjoyed teaching, even back when I was 15 years old teaching swim lessons. While attending USC, I met so many wonderfully talented musicians and teachers who wanted to share their love of music. I assembled a select group of teachers who were willing to embark on the journey with me, and began as Alana’s Music Studio. We eventually changed to LA School of Music when we added more teachers to our staff.

LA School of Music is a hub where people of all ages and levels can find an instructor they trust. Teachers are interviewed and selected based on level of experience, as well as teaching personality. The school believes in adding teachers to their roster who are not only skilled musicians, but also enjoy teaching others the instruments they know and love.

For more information about LA School of Music and to book lessons, fill out a sign-up form or email us at

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