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Students Corner: A Music and Sports Connection

Today, we are introducing a new blog series called “Students Corner.” Throughout the year, we will interview a few of our students about their studies and how they came to find LA School of Music. First up? Albert Cholakian.


How did you get involved with your sport?

I took my first class of Capoeira based on a recommendation from a friend. Although I loved it from the first class, it took me a few years to start training consistently.  I have been practicing Capoeira for over five years now.

Can you tell me a little more about your sport and how it incorporates singing?

Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial art that uses elements of dance and acrobatics. Music and singing is what separates Capoeira from other martial arts.  Singing is a very important part of the practice, because it gives you a deeper connection to the art form.

Why did you seek out voice lessons?

I’ve never had to sing before and I wanted to learn the basic proper techniques of using my voice.

How did you find LA School of Music and why did you choose to work with Matt?

I found LA School of Music on the web. At first, I didn’t know what to expect; I had never taken singing lessons and I was a bit nervous.  Working with Matt has been great. He has given me pointers, which are very helpful projecting my voice with ease when I sing during Capoeira.

How has your experience been so far? How do you think you’ve grown as a singer?

I’ve had a great experience so far and I think I feel more comfortable singing in general, which has given me the confidence to learn harder and longer songs in Capoeira. I feel more relaxed when I sing and I have learned to be more connected with my body while singing. For more information about LA School of Music and to book lessons, click here.

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